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   It’s common knowledge that without an education a person wouldn’t be accepted as a member of a modern society. We should give some thought a question: is our educational system appropriate to the 21st century human needs? Opinions are divided.
   There are people who take the view that a secondary education is a basis for the future. You have to be a straight A student, get the top marks, do all your homework in order to secure a place in seats of learning. Unfortunately, those people don’t grasp the importance that by forcing children to study, they just create new details for a bureaucratic mechanism (it was told about it’s functioning and origin by Sugata Mitra). It’s like a mud which doesn’t allow the society to move forward.  I honestly think an educational conservatism is the main disease at the age of cutting edge technologies and a rapid development of a mankind. 
   For other people it’s a foregone conclusion that we need an educational revolution.  This idea was supported by Sirken Robinson in TED Talks. They realize that for developing children’ mental agility it is necessary to have three essential components. The first is encouragement. If you’re not interested in what you’re learning, you’ll never do an exam or complete a course successfully. The second is cooperation. Only in a way of working together a process of learning becomes as easy as ABC. The last point is an access to the Internet. It gives a possibility to find any kind of information which could help you to pass an exam in flying colors or to enroll on some subjects as well as improve your knowledge with practice.
   There are my own thoughts in regard to the educational reorganization. Firstly, children should have more freedom of choice. Preparing all the lessons is a waste of time, which can be used with more profit, especially in a way of self-development. Moreover, I don’t subscribe to the opinion that a teacher is everyone who got a diploma of philologist. It happens very often that because of a teacher pupils become dissatisfied and bored. Principles have to be more diligent in hiring personnel. Schools have to bear in mind a kind of a motto: NOT Education BUT Learning.
   To conclude, I’d like to admit that the education shouldn’t be a sort of a “death valley”. Let it be a rain of alternatives and changes which will make it prosperous. 


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