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Out of sight, out of mind

-       -    Of course, it doesn’t apply to vocabulary classes!
Being honest, to complete the course we were supposed to cover a lot of ground, but the end justifies the means. Once or twice I was ready to lose my nerve because of a number of home tasks. Now I take the view the reason was not in the subject, but in being-a-lazy-bones.  A widespread midnight thought: “Oh… And also a vocabulary L  This blog is like a pain my neck!”.  Then, bit by bit, I began to realize that all these tasks were worth doing and really deserved glowing tributes. Needless to say, in order not to be on the rocks, you just have to divide your time reasonably.  It’s my firm conviction that later I’ll have a kind of nostalgia for the classes, because they really did me good.
My dear fellows! You’re about to take the baton! Beforehand, take your time to watch some helpful tips from your mentors:
1.       Get as much out of the studying as possible.
2.       Fight a desire to go away everytime you see a new wordlist.
3.       Write the blogs on time – it really gives a feeling like you’re on horseback.
4.       During a two-trimesters-long vocabulary trip, don’t forget to make some stop-offs.
5.       Learn how to fully recharge your batteries in 3 hours before a module test.
6.       If your classes nine times were held in the room 48, it doesn’t mean that for the 10th time it’d be the same location.
7.       Keep in mind – the vocabulary is the only class where you’ll be given double sheets of paper.
8.       On behalf of the whole group I declare: DON’T POSTPONE.
9.       Learn the pronunciation of ‘mutual’.
1.   And the last thing: the vocabulary develops not only your language skills, but also makes you an actor (actress), journalist, film director, screenwriter and operator.

Easier said than done, I know. But take the initiative and DO! Good luck!

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