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Body language. A way my groupmates speak it

When you are in a live-action movie, you have so many more options to express yourself. You can use your body and your gestures.  When you are doing an animated movie, you really only have your voice.
Jesse Eisenberg

   Every day you observe people's behaviour. It is accompanied by different combinations of movements. What do they mean? Let's make it clear to avoid a misinterpretation.
My group consists of students who are as different as chalk and cheese. They all have individual tempers and display their feelings in many ways. I tried to look out for these ways.
   Yaroslava is a confident girl, who always keeps eye contact.
She's ambitious and this proverb ideally reflects her lifestyle: Practice makes perfect. 
   Hanna is the most contrast personality in our group.

I've noticed that she often pulls her hair when she is impressed by something. One of her bad habits is biting nails while worrying. But her good qualities compensate it. She's never out of sight, out of mind. Live and let live - that's her motto, I suppose.

   Olga is a kind of a girl who always has her head in the clouds.When suddenly someone lowers her down she goes red. It's not necessarily that she's angry. It means that she dissatisfied with coming back to reality.

   Olena's body language is almost silent. It's hard for me to distinguish some particular gestures she often uses. When she's shocked she raises her eyebrow. While Olena is thinking about something she scratches behind the ear.  In the future I will be more observant, because "the more the merrier":)
   Julia is full of beans. While talking she uses excessive hand gestures.  In any case, they only make her "speech" more colourful.

   Regarding to me. As a matter of fact, I use a wide range of gestures, especially hand ones.  But I never notice it. Everything happens subconsciously. When I'm worried I have sweaty palms, during the presence of a person I like, my cheeks go red.
   In any case, it's impossible to express our feelings without gestures. As I was saying, they make our body language more eloquent. Open up and speak your mind! ;)

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  1. Olesia, I am grateful to you for such accurate description of my personality. Very suitable captions in Hanna's photo. They cheer me up! :)

  2. And I hope I do not keep eye contact like Matt LeBlanc :D

  3. Very observant description of our subgroup, thanks a lot for a compliment)) I'll receive these photos))

  4. I'll don’t jump to conclusion when say that you are so observant! Did you notice some gestures of you group mates when they are in cheer desperation or devastated?

  5. Hey, do I really look like this way? I'm over the moon - that's a really interested description, thank you! I'm not vulnerable, but understanding, that somebody's going to describe me, gives me a feeling of uneasiness.

  6. It doesn`t matter how hard you try to bottle yourself up - there is always somebody, who reads you like a book :) It`s a real effort to take into mind such things. But you sorted this out:)

  7. Although our group is a newly formed, you observed our body language and recognized a combination of gestures and their means. I was not so observant, but I'll try to look out something interesting from your bode language as well. I'll have a lot of time for this.

  8. Olesia, you are like an occupational detective can interpret and disclose the people`s gestures! I am terrible at it! Now I know I should be more cautious and heedful of my body language near you!